Yo yo yiggity yo

Olympic National Park, October 2016

My name is Emily and I have freckles. I began writing on this blog at age 14. It’s no exaggeration when I say I’ve grown up with blackbyrd and as blackbyrd. You have a glimpse into real-life events from a teenage-girl-turned-woman’s perspective. My life is at your disposal, basically. Gee, isn’t that enticing?

I’ve been described as “spunky.” I like bright colors, walks by myself, my kick-ass Diamondback mountain bike, running to clear my head, and strong female role models. (I’ve also recently become a fan of the Oxford comma…sue me.)

I am always going, going, going (and talking, talking, talking). There’s something wrong when my mind isn’t whirring with new poems to write, blog posts to compose or tweets to tweet. It’s even weirder when I’m quiet. Trust me.* What seems like nonsense to you may be just what I needed to juice the creative out of me in order to fall asleep at night.†

You’re welcome to hop in my VW Bug and join me.

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*Update from 2017: I haven’t written regularly on this blog since I started working full time two years ago (go figure). My mind has been whirring nonstop for two years. I’ll write about this soon.

She wrote at 12:34 a.m. on February 22, 2017, mere hours before a brutal 8 a.m. Wednesday meeting. See what I mean?

Copyright © E.M.S. 2017

Disclaimer: In no way do my personal views expressed on this blog pertain to any employer/company I may work for or be involved with. Failure to remember this may lead to trouble.


11 thoughts on “Yo yo yiggity yo

  1. Yo
    This is Hector from the Shelf
    You have a really cool page. I finally gotten around to blogging something. You should check it out.

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